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6th Grade Simple Machine Projects

Staff Contact Information

Teachers will be using Jupitergrades and Google Classroom, or both, as starting points for instruction.

Students without login info for these sites should contact their teachers for assistance.


Mr. Paarlberg


Assistant Principals

Ms. Armstrong

Mr. Marano


Mr. Blodgett

Ms. Briker

Mr. Frazier

Mr. Niemann

Mr. Zeppa


Foreign Language

Ms. Torres



Ms. Canarte

Mr. Raymond

Ms. Sinnreich

Mr. Watson


Physical Education

Mr. Sanchez

Theater, Art & Technology

Ms. DeFranco

Ms. Isaacs

Mr. Rivera



Mr. Gavrielatos

Ms. Granberry

Ms. Mason

Ms. Tom

Mr. Tsukuda


Social Studies

Ms. Lawrence

Ms. Martinelli

Mr. Leva

Mr. Robinson

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COVID-19 Fact Sheet - English

Class of 2020

Hostos Strong

Around HLAS

Class of 2020






HLA Playwriting Festival 2020

Hostos Community College’s 2nd Annual Public Speaking Competition


Middle School Volleyball

Talent Show 2020

Hostos-U Prep Volleyball Playoffs

Girls Basketball

The Stairwell Tapes

M.S. Run Club Meets

Boys Soccer

Middle School Running Club


Cross Country

Talent Show 2019

Career Day

UPCHS Softball

HLA Playwriting Festival 2019

NY1 Athlete Scholar of the Week

NY1 Scholar Athlete of the Week: Tahreem Asghar


Tahreem Asghar: Runner En Route to a Bright Future

By Leisha Majtan

By Leisha Majtan

From couch potato to long-distance runner — that's how Tahreem Asghar describes herself.

"In middle school, I was always that kid who just sat in the corner, did nothing the entire time, so I never expected coming in that I would do any sport or exercise in general," said Asghar, a senior at Hostos Lincoln Academy in the Bronx.



Boys Basketball

NYC Soccer Initiative Ceremony

Hoodies, on Seniors


Senior Wall




Black Box Theater

Hostos Community College

June 8, 2018

In Memoriam

Henry Perry 



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